Nieu-Bethesda Outreach.

Maranatha Care Children have been pleased to support the formation of a new community upliftment project in a small village called Nieu-Bethesda to assist the Pienaarsig township.

Our research

Our Charity Director has undertaken research in this area. This is a project falling under the umbrella of Maranatha Streetworkers Trust (South African NPO). Programmes so far have included support of a soup kitchen, sports club, and various preventative initiatives where we have also reached out to the local primary school.

Future development

We are hopeful that further work will be able to take place in terms of family preservation, youth development and training. This is a community with a high level of need and we have joined numerous outreaches helping with programmes for over 250 children. With a vision to help make change in this community over a longer term we are proud to add this to our projects going forward.