We give children in care the support needed to help them
achieve their full potential and aspirations.

We believe that South African orphans, street children and young people at risk should not be denied the opportunities that every child deserves.

We aim to help South African children by offering development in education and life skills, providing a suitable home environment and safeguarding the future of those children and young people in residential care.

All children are entitled to grow up in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. But at Maranatha Care Children, we also want to empower children and young people to fulfill their full potential.

We empower communities and rebuild lives.

Community empowerment

Community empowerment.

We aim to work closely with a handful of South African organisations to make brighter futures possible for the children they look after.

Child protection

Child protection.

Our central ethos is long-term involvement: protecting children through their integration into society and independence. This includes support through to young adulthood to assist those transitioning out of care, to help them become self-sufficient.

Youth engagement

Youth engagement.

We engage young people on their level, enabling access to opportunities that help them pursue their aspirations. Our beneficiaries are aged from 2-25, with us providing support from early childhood through to higher education and training.

“I was always set on my future, until a chance trip to South Africa in 2007 changed my life. As a qualified social worker, my ongoing passion is the lives of these children in care, who need our support to overcome disadvantage and fulfil their potential.”

Landscape photograph of Charity Director Harrison Nash