The reality is we continue to battle with children having missed out on vital schooling and struggling to overcome severe educational backlogs.


When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.- African Proverb

Central to all our work is the ideology that “the youth of today become the adults of tomorrow”. It truly makes political and social sense to invest in their development.

We follow a framework where we focus on key service delivery areas of recreational, developmental and therapeutic programmes to look at the holistic needs of all children receiving care through those projects we support.

We feel that much more intervention is needed with children and young people in South Africa with a key preventative approach.

It is a country where over half of young offenders have never been beyond Grade 6 (primary school level) and between 60-80% of prisoners are not able to read well enough to get along in society. This is where a large amount of our fundraising goals aim to open doors for educational opportunities and schooling.


This is in a country where the average number of formal schooling completed by adults is just 6 years, and 40% of secondary school aged learners are out of school, with almost six hundred thousand learners missing out on Primary School and not gaining the educational grounding they desperately need.

We feel that work with young people should be about engaging with them on their level and enabling them access to opportunities that allow them to pursue their aspirations.