We feel that work with young people should ensure they are seen as individuals with specific plans tailored to suit their needs.


In line with this we know we have to work in partnership with projects to fulfil their needs, but also put the child central to our decision making process.

We believe strongly that the best interests of the child is paramount as emphasised throughout legislation and within the new Children’s Act (Act No. 38 of 2005) governing the safeguarding of children in South Africa.

We want children and young people we support to have meaningful participation in the decisions that affect their life.

We also support initiatives that can build bonds with family members and improve their home environments and parenting capacities, but know the priority must always be the welfare of the child.


We recognise the importance of working in the partnership with the child and youth care centres that provide these children with a lifeline. Further work is also needed to target areas with limited community resources and we intend to support such outreach work as we move forward in our charitable endeavours.