Violence against children is pervasive in the country, with over 50,000 children reported to be victims of violent crime in 2011/12, yet many more offences remaining unreported.


Statistics from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) South Africa show that around 30 percent of sex crimes against children involve victims under 10 years of age, with South Africa having one of the highest occurrences of child and baby rape in the world.

South Africa has made significant strides in ensuring that children in need of protection are placed in appropriate alternative care options.

Over 13,000 children stay in residential centres, close to half (45%) having been abandoned or neglected. The number of children orphaned has also increased over the last decade by 30% and exceeds 5 million. Many children in care have lost one if not both of their biological parents.

Yet even when children are brought into care, they still need on-going support and our help in providing them with brighter futures. Such children are found to require even greater emotional sustenance due to the traumatic experiences they been through.

At Maranatha Care Children we do what we can to rebuild lives and inspire brighter futures for those we support.

Our central ethos is long term involvement and looking at empowering and protecting children and young people through to integration into society and independence. We work closely in the field ourselves with the projects we have chosen to support.